Community Programs at Catholic Social Services

Community programs at Catholic Social Services are available across the Philadelphia region and include various community initiatives to help those in need and further build our local community. Catholic Social Services offers opportunities and resources for children to succeed, for families to grow healthy and strong, and for communities to find the resilience to believe in a better future.

  • A Better Way within Catholic Social Services teaches social responsibility skills and conflict management skills to youths between ages 12 and 18 who are involved in the juvenile justice system. This community program utilizes the Sanctuary Model of Trauma-Informed Care to help you with issues of chronic adversity, loss, and trauma. 

  • Martha’s Choice Marketplace is the largest, most visited food pantry in Montgomery County. Martha’s Choice serves more than 1,000 families and 3,500 individuals each month.  We distribute over 1 million lbs. of food yearly. Martha’s provides our clients with the dignity of shopping for the foods of their preference in a grocery store-like environment. We also provide a holistic approach to hunger prevention by providing education, and personal empowerment opportunities that recognize each person’s basic human needs and dignity. Martha’s also operates a community farm at the former St Gabrielle’s Hall.

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  • The Cenacle at Padre Pio Center is a family nurturing center designed to support pregnant women, new parents, families, and extended families as they build their skills as the first teachers in the life of a child. Services include pregnancy and parenting education, food and diaper pantries, health literacy, educational workshops, and other supportive services. Through partnership with the ProLife Union of Greater Philadelphia we help build a Culture of Life where every life is respected and protected.

  • Family Service Centers are the first point of contact for individuals, families, and parishes when they seek assistance from Catholic Social Services. Five centers are located throughout the five-county metropolitan area. Our family service centers offer support and prenatal care and assistance to either those choosing adoption or those choosing to start their family. Our social service centers provide intake and assessment for individuals and families to assist them in accessing benefits and services. Emergency assistance includes clothing cupboards and food pantries, rent or utility bill assistance, housing referrals, and case management.

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  • Catholic Social Services provides Outpatient Counseling Services at some of our regional Family Service Centers and other locations. These counseling services are available through Catholic Clinical Consultants, a division of Catholic Social Services. Licensed therapists offer counseling to individuals, married couples, and families to help them deal with stress and anxiety, substance abuse, relationship conflicts, and other behavioral or mental health issues.

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  • BenePhilly is a social service community program that provides benefit counselors who offer free, one on one assistance to help eligible neighbors apply for and enroll in public benefits programs. Benefits offered include SNAP, Medical Assistance, rent rebates, LIHEAP, WIC, CCIS, and much more.

  • Catholic Community Services Community Umbrella Agency (CUA #4) is a community-based organization that manages child welfare cases formerly maintained by The Philadelphia Department of Human Services (DHS). As part of Catholic Social Services of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, we provide services to families and their children in their home, in placement or a combination while operating within the foundation and framework of a Catholic organization. As a DHS sponsored agency, we are the presence of DHS in the community in their move to decentralize the provision of direct case management services through a network of Community Umbrella Agencies that demonstrates the capacity and ability to provide child protection and child welfare services that are based within the community.

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  • Catholic Housing and Community Services supports older adults in parishes throughout the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. Through a team of Care Managers, we assist individuals and families by providing valuable resources, acting as advocates and liaisons, and coordinating needed services.  The core of our parish eldercare program is an in-home assessment and care plan that is tailored to each individual’s unique needs.

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  • The four Senior Community Centers located throughout Philadelphia, in partnership with the Philadelphia Corporation for Aging, offer opportunities for socialization, recreation, physical exercise, education, and nutritional support with a focus on overall health, wellness, and independence for our elder generations in need. These social services also provide access to nutritious meals, supplemental food resources, and direct assistance in applying for benefits.

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