Catholic Social Services of Philadelphia is thrilled to announce the launch of our new website! Our website is specifically designed to provide greater ease of access and understanding to the multitude of services provided by Catholic Social Services of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia.  This new website offers a clean, visual layout, easy navigation, and helpful tools that highlight the broad scope of programs offered to our communities.

Through this launch and the future growth of the new website, Catholic Social Services continues to strive to offer the needed social services that can change lives with faith-filled compassion, access to opportunities and assistance, and a deep understanding and desire to help those in our diverse communities. We provide a network of social service programs, family service centers, senior centers, and community centers for people in need. Rooted in the traditions and generous spirit of the Catholic faith, our social service programs provide help and create hope that fosters dignity, builds real independence, and creates true opportunity for those in need.

Catholic Social Services is the area’s largest social service provider, and the goal of the new website is to make it easier for those in need to locate the services they need when they need them. The new interface clearly maps out each of our service areas: pregnancy support, foster care and adoption, housing and homelessness, food insecurity and hunger, services for at-risk youth, senior citizens, educational assistance, services for individuals with intellectual disabilities, parenting support, counseling services, and assistance for immigrants and refugees. Site visitors can click on the area of service on which they are seeking information and go directly to a ready list of those specific social service  program. For example, those seeking information related to food insecurity and hunger services can click on the “Food” services picture prompt and be taken to a list of programs like St. John’s Hospice, Mercy Café, Martha’s Choice Market Place,  Nutritional Development Services, and more.

The new Catholic Social Services site also shines a light on the incredible spirit of volunteerism within our community.  Individuals looking for ways to support any one of hundreds of social service programs with donations of money or your time will find it easy to connect with CSS Philadelphia.

We also highlight the incredible impact people like you have had on our community through the charitable works of Catholic Social Services.  Our running “Impact Calculator” showcases how the collective generosity of a few can affect the lives of many through hard work and organized efforts in the spirit of Christ.

Finally, the new website keeps you up to date with the latest news and developments about Philadelphia CSS’s involvement in our neighborhoods, so you can always stay informed about our programs and how they are creating real change for the better in the city of Brotherly Love. The updated News section will continually be refreshed with new stories from Catholic Philly and the Archdiocese so you can continually stay in the loop.

We are thrilled to bring this new website to you! We think it will not only be an informative way for everyone to take part in our services but will make it easier for those most in need to find out how they can get help when and where they need it. Enjoy!


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